MatesRates Car Hire lets you easily compare the best deals offered by multiple car rental brands throughout New Zealand. So if you need to hire a cheap car in the North Island, South Island or both, we can save you time & money! 

You'll find some of the cheapest rates on rental cars in Auckland, Christchurch and Queenstown, as well as pretty well every other major town and airport around New Zealand. 

Easy to compare the different rental companies in one place. Lots of choice which is great. Prices seemed cheaper than other sites including when I looked at booking direct

Glen M New Zealand

Easy, I had no problems at all. Prices seemed to be ok. I didn't check others. Definitely recommend.

Adrianne H New Zealand

We booked ahead from Germany. Prices very reasonable, and a good choice of cars. Saved us time and money — would use again.

Andreas B Germany