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Just wanted to say thank you. We had a fantastic NZ trip and saved heaps

Customer review - Cheryl Rhodes

Cheryl Rhodes

Great to deal with. We got a really good price on a Yaris that was much less than anywhere else. No complaints!

Customer review - Stu Clements

Stu Smith

This made getting around New Zealand so much easier than when I was last here.

Customer review - Jim Cook

Jim Cook

Car Hire Options at westport

Car rental choices are very limited at Westport with very limited flights into this small provincial airport by Sounds Air.

If you're wanting more rental company options then consider picking up a rental car from either Greymouth or Hokitika where we have many more car rental brands available for your to choose from.

To maximise your savings it's a good idea to book your car early, especially for travel during peak periods. Just put your travel details into the Quote box at the top of the page to instantly compare a huge choice of vehicles at the very best prices.

Westport car rental background

Car Rental Brands

Westport is a small provincial airport with limited flights and rental car options. The car rental brand we offer is Hertz and is only available for passengers arriving with rental cars pre-booked.

So arriving on a flight and hoping to book a car at the airport isn't a good idea. You need to book ahead. 

Why Renting a Car Makes Sense

Westport is a sleepy small town near the top of the South Island's rugged West Coast and a popular tourist spot.

You really need a rental car to get out and explore the many attractions here. Having a rental car gives you the flexibility and freedom to travel at your own pace and roam further afield exploring this stunning part of New Zealand.

The isolation of the West Coast means there's a very limited number of rental cars available and these can sell out quickly during peak periods. So if you plan to pick up a rental car in Westport we recommend booking as early as you can.

We offer some suggestions at the bottom of the page about places around Westport you might want to visit. Having a rental car makes getting to them easy.  

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Great value - thanks. Definitely will recommend you to my friends.

Customer review - Phil Dwyer

Phil Dwyer

I found your site when my mother needed a rental car for her visit. Easy and quick to use, and she was very happy.

Customer review - Paula Connor

Paula Connor

Great for backpackers like us on a tight budget. Got to do more of the amazing things NZ offers with the money we saved. Awesome!

Customer review - Tim Brown

Tim Brown

Westport Car Rental Tips

Petrol Stations

Top up the tank before returning your vehicle. The extra 5 or 10 minutes this takes will definitely save you money.

If you return the car with the tank not full then the rental company will charge a high price to top up the tank. These charges can be excessive, such as a $2.50 a litre surcharge on top of the fuel cost. Not a nice surprise to later find this charge on your credit card.

As you can see from the map below there's a handful of petrol stations in Westport.

Average rental duration

  • Jan 6 days
  • Feb 6 days
  • Mar 6 days
  • Apr 6 days
  • May 5 days
  • Jun 5 days
  • Jul 5 days
  • Aug 5 days
  • Sep 5 days
  • Oct 6 days
  • Nov 5 days
  • Dec 5 days

Driving from Westport

If you're picking up a rental car in Westport it's likely that you'll be doing a one-way rental and returning the car in another part of the country.

Driving north takes you to isolated Karamea and start of the famous Heaphy Track through the Kahurangi National Park. Many travellers next stop after Westport is Nelson

Heading south from Westport towards Greymouth, you'll pass the famous 'pancake rocks'.  The Punakaiki pancake rocks and blowholes, where columns of water shoot skyward from rocks that resemble giant stacks of hotcakes. 

There's plenty to explore around Westport before heading further down the the West Coats through Hokitika and onto the famous Franz Josef and Fox glaciers. Going further south will take you to the Haast region, an area so spectacular UNESCO made it a "World Heritage" area. From here you could drive on through to Queenstown or Christchurch where you could drop off your rental vehicle.

Average economy rental price

  • Jan $62
  • Feb $69
  • Mar $58
  • Apr $51
  • May $46
  • Jun $46
  • Jul $44
  • Aug $43
  • Sep $43
  • Oct $49
  • Nov $49
  • Dec $55

Attractions Near Westport

A rental car gives you the freedom and flexibility to make the most of your time exploring the West Coast region from Westport. Here are a few of the attractions you might like to consider checking out. For more ideas, check out the West Coast Tourism website....

Cape Foulwind

A seal colony, lighthouse, dramatic views and a coastal walkway - Cape Foulwind truly has it all. You may also spot blue penguins and sooty shearwaters around here.

This headland was named by Captain Cook, after he encountered strong gales and winds here in the 1700s. It was Abel Tasman who was the first European to see the cape, however, and an old astrolabe (navigational instrument) erected in his honour can be seen overlooking Tauranga Bay.

The seal colony here is a breeding colony so there’s always something going on to observe at any time of the year - the females never leave and there are often playful pups basking and frolicking around the rocks. However the summer months are when the males arrive and spend time ashore (plus, it’s a lot warmer then!) without feeding, during mating season. It’s one of six breeding colonies on the West Coast and one of the most accessible in all of New Zealand.

A walkway stretches from Cape Foulwind south to Tauranga Bay, passing steep bluffs, sandy beach and green pastures. It takes about an hour and a half to complete. From Tauranga Bay it’s a short stroll to the seal colony viewing point. You’ll also find picnic facilities, toilets, and informational displays here.

You can choose to continue all the way to the Cape Foulwind lighthouse, in which case you may want to arrange transport at the other end (or commit to a 3 hour round trip). The tower is in much the same shape as when it was first built; the foundations for the original lighthouse (as well as the old keepers houses) are visible in front of the current one.

You will find Cape Foulwind and Tauranga Bay about 16 km from Westport - a fuss free drive from the town centre in your rental car. Simply follow Cape Foulwind Rd all the way to the coast.

Old Ghost Road

The Old Ghost Road is a former gold mining route, recently revived as a trail for hikers and bikers. Westport is the base for The Old Ghost Road ; its two trail heads are about 2 hours drive apart from each other in your rental car. If you’re feeling intrepid, they are 2 to 3 days apart when riding, or 4 to 5 days if tramping. Keep an eye out for information and relics along the track that delve into the area’s rich mining history.

At 85km, The Old Ghost Road is New Zealand’s longest continuous single-track, stretching from Lyell to Seddonville, via the Mohikinui River gorge. It comprises landscapes of all descriptions - soaring mountains, deep gorges and valleys, thick rainforest.

While it is remote and beautiful it is also demanding, and shouldn’t be undertaken upon a whim. There are more than a dozen bridges that cross over rivers and creeks along the Old Ghost Road trail, and a handful of other land bridges, however there are still waterways

that have the potential of flooding after heavy rain. Spanning altitudes from near sea level to alpine ranges, conditions can vary greatly and swing in an instant, so it’s vital to be prepared for any type of weather - even in summer.

The Old Ghost Rd is an advanced (grade 4) mountain biking trail with variable natural surfaces - in places it is steep, narrow and challenging. Some sections may be easier to walk. Mountain bikers are advised to start at Lyell (near the upper Buller Gorge) and ride from south to north in order to enjoy the best experience.

Trampers need a reasonable level of backcountry experience. The direction in which hikers tackle the Old Ghost Road is less important than it is for cyclists, so take your pick.

There are six huts placed along the Old Ghost Rd - bookings are required ahead of time. Given the nature of this trail you will need to bring all your own provisions as there are no stores en route.

Denniston Experience

The Denniston Experience is a one of a kind attraction - an interactive underground tour of a historic coal mine. Just 25 km north of Westport, it’s a short journey in your rental car.

Take a train ride that whisks you through the Waimangaroa Gorge, over stone arches and uphill into the mine itself, a relic from the 1880s.

Over the duration of two and a half hours the tour will immerse you in the bleak and dustry outlook of life underground, with audio and visual holograms providing eerie simulations of how the mines ran. Try your hand at an assigned job - shovelling, hewing, erecting pit props - and see if you would have been able to hack it back in the days.

For decades this was the biggest coal mine in New Zealand - it’s estimated that 12 million tons made their way down this incline during its operational lifespan, from 1879 to 1967. It has since been strengthened with modern support systems. It was used as a tunnel for other local mines, with the Denniston plateau being the home of one of the best and richest coal seams in the country.

After the tour you’ll be able to explore the Denniston Incline railway, a true feat of engineering for its time, transporting coal down the plunging plateau to the plains beneath.

A shorter express option is available for those who are pressed for time. Compressed into 60 minutes, this tour includes just the highlights. You’ll take the train through the gorge and see the coal seams, stepping foot briefly into the underground mine, without the darkness or claustrophobia of the in depth experience.

Underworld Adventures

Based in Charleston, 30 km south of Westport, Underworld Adventures offers a raft of thrilling tours. Pick ups from your Westport accommodation may be available, otherwise, it’s an easy drive in your rental car!

The narrow gauge Nile River Rainforest Train promises an epic journey in open carriages through ancient rainforest. Taking riders through the awe inspiring Nile River Canyon in Paparoa National Park, the route passes through several sites from the BBC’s The Lost World film production. Stretch your legs on a walk to the impressive Nile River suspension bridge and inhale the pure air. The park is full of amazing and otherworldly limestone formations, from caves to cliffs, and will have you craning your head at every turn.

Speaking of those limestone caves, you can combine a trip on the Nile River rainforest train with a tour of the Nile River caves. Venture into this maze of caverns, as masses of glow worms reveal themselves in the grotto. The Te Ananui cave system is dry at the upper levels, and home to numerous stalagmites and stalactites, while the lower ones have been shaped by the flow of underground streams (boots are available so your feet don’t get too wet).

Rafting is yet another option for exploring this area. In the lower levels of the cave system you’ll climb into an inflatable tube before emerging into the gurgling Nile River rapids.

For the daring, more extreme thrills can be had on the adventure caving tour option. This expedition involves abseiling and clambering over boulders, climbing ladders and scaling waterfalls, even crawling through narrow passages. It’s a real workout, taking you through waterways and dry caves for the full spectrum of underground adventure.